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vol 4. no 4. December 2005  

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Neuroendocrine cells in the trachea of patients with larynx cancer
Monika Olszewska, Stanisław Chodynicki, Lech Chyczewski, Marek Rogowski, Albert Augustynowicz, Maciej Chodynicki

Introduction. Neuroendocrine cells are localized in the respiratory tract epithelium and belong to the APUD (Amine Precursors Uptake and Decarboxylation) system. Their most characteristic feature is the presence of
neurosecretory granulations. They synthesize, store and secrete amines and peptide hormones.
Aim. Morphometric assessment of neuroendocrine cells in the trachea of larynx cancer patients.
Material and methods. Fragments of tracheas were obtained during the tracheostomy from 30 patients with cancer of the larynx and 20 patients hospitalized in intensive care units. Primary antibodies against chromogranin A, neurospecific enolase, synaptophizine and calcitonine were used in immunohistochemical tissue evaluation.
Results. Increased numbers of neuroendocrine cells in the tracheal epithelium were observed in all patients with larynx cancer, while in the control group the neuroendocrine cells were observed only in 45% patients. Higher
neuroendocrine cell densities (on average 334 cells per sq.mm of the tracheal epithelium in the cancer patients vs. 20 cells per sq.mm in controls); neuroendocrine cells of the cancer patients were also found to vary considerably more in size.
Conclusions. Increased neuroendocrine cell polymorphism and proliferation rates were observed in the larynx cancer patients.

keywords: nabłonek tchawicy, komórki neuroendokrynne, rak krtani, Tracheal epithelium, neuroendocrine cells, larynx cancer

pages: from 183 to 186

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