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vol 12. no 4. December 2013  

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Osteomyelitis of frontal bone as a complication of sinusitis in childhood – a cases report
Anna Zakrzewska, Agnieszka Sońta, Zbigniew Kozłowski

Introduction. Osteomyelitis is an inflammatory process
affecting both the cortical and the cancellous bone. This is
a rare complication of the frontal bone which spreads from the
mucous membrane of the frontal sinus through the endosteal
veins. Osteomyelitis destroys the front wall of the sinus and
may cause formation of subperiosteal abscess, known also as
Pott’s puffy tumor.
Aim. To present three cases of patients who developed symptoms
of osteomyelitis frontalis as a complication of sinusitis.
Material and methods. A retrospective analysis of the course
of the disease and of the agents which might play a role in the
development of osteomyelitis frontalis as a complication of
rhinosinusitis in three patients aged 6-17.
Results. Typical subperiostal abscess was unambiguously diagnosed
only in one case. The second of the patients suffered
from chronic sinusitis and his frontal and inferior portions of
frontal sinus had been broken three months before treatment.
This was the main cause of the complication. Osteomyelitis
frontalis in the youngest, 6 year-old boy was diagnosed from
the course of the disease and CT scans which were taken four
weeks after treatment.
Conclusions. The inflammation of frontal bone marrow is
a very rare disease but always constitutes a heavy complication
of sinusitis which may affect even young children with developed
frontal sinus. The main factors which promote the disease
include anatomical abnormalities of the nose, injures of sinuses,
metabolic diseases of bone and variability of development of
frontal sinuses

keywords: zapalenie kości i szpiku, zapalenie zatok przynosowych, powikłania, dzieci, osteomyelitis, sinusitis, complications, children

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