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  Patronage of the Polish Society of Audiology and Phoniatrics

vol 12. no 4. December 2013  

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Applicability of the Laryngeal Manual Therapy Palpatory Evaluation scale in the diagnostics of functional dysphonia
Ewelina Woźnicka, Ewa Niebudek-Bogusz, Justyna Wiktorowicz, Mariola Śliwińska‑Kowalska

Introduction. Occupational dysphonia is a voice disorder
related to a variety of vocal symptoms, including neck muscle
hyperfunction affecting also external and internal laryngeal and
pharyngeal muscles.
Aim. The aim of this study was to assess the larynx and soft
tissue around the vocal tract using the new Laryngeal Manual
Therapy Palpatory Evaluation (LMTPE) scale in patients with
functional dysphonia.
Material and methods. The study comprised two groups of
subjects: with functional dysphonia (n=125) and with euphonic
voice (n=100). Vocal tracts in both groups were evaluated
using the LMTPE scale. In addition, in the group with functional
dysphonia, the phoniatric examination was performed, including
videostroboscopy, voice handicap index (VHI) questionnaire,
GRBAS perceptual evaluation, and maximum phonation time
Results. The comparison of total score of LMTPE showed that
the total results of the study group were significantly poorer
than those of controls (p<0.001), 11.3 vs 0.83, respectively,
(p<0.001). Moreover, in the study group, a correlation was
found between the LMTPE results and the voice self-assessment
according VHI, perceptual evaluation by GRBAS, and objective
parameter MPT. The study has proved that LMTPE scale is characterized
by a high score of alpha Cronbach index estimating
the reliability of the test. For the control group, the index was
0.965, and for the study group it was 0.934.
Conclusions. This study has confirmed that LMTPE scale
seems to be a valuable tool, useful in diagnostics of functional

keywords: Introduction. Occupational dysphonia is a voice disorder, manualna terapia krtani, dysphonia, Laryngeal Manual Therapy PalpatoryEvaluation, manual therapy

pages: from 190 to 197

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