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  Patronage of the Polish Society of Audiology and Phoniatrics

vol 11. no 2. June 2012  

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Long-term clinical analysis of patients after nonchromaffin paraganglioma surgery
Jarosław Markowski, Włodzimierz Dziubdziela, Tatiana Gierek, Grzegorz Budziński, Jacek Pająk, Lucyna Klimczak-Gołąb, Katarzyna Pasternak,

Introduction. Nonchromaffin paragangliomas (chemodectomas)
are rare tumors of the nervous system. They are formed
from receptive cells of the parasympathetic autonomic system
that create groups of nonchromaffin paragangliomatic bodies.
The term ’chemodectoma’ is related to the chemoreceptive
abilities of the neoplastic cells. In the head and neck region they
are usually situated in glomus caroticum, glomus tympanicum,
glomus vagale and glomus jugulare.
Aim. The aim of study was a long-term clinical analysis of three
paragangliomatic patients treated by surgery.
Materials and methods. The authors present a retrospective
study of three glomus tumours: two situated in glomus caroticum
and one in glomus tympanicum.
Results. Imaging techniques, such as computed tomography,
magnetic resonance and arteriography were found to be vital
for successful preoperative diagnostics. In both patients with
glomus caroticum tumour, a paralysis of the vocal folds was
observed on the operated side after 13 and 6 years since the
surgical treatment. There were no differences in hearing ability
in the patient with glomus tympanicum tumor after 10 years
since the surgery.
Conclusions. The prognosis for benign glomus tumours is good,
while considerable experience is required in their surgical treatment
due to the risk of profuse intraoperative heamorrhage.
The paralysis of the vocal fold after glomus caroticum surgery
is irreversible.

keywords: przyzwojaki niechromochłonne, nowotwory głowy i szyi

pages: from 71 to 78

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