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  Patronage of the Polish Society of Audiology and Phoniatrics

vol 11. no 2. June 2012  

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Effectiveness of phoniatric voice rehabilitation in teachers with chronic dysphonia
Beata Sznurowska-Przygocka, Mariola Śliwińska-Kowalska

Introduction. A large proportion of voice organ complaints in
teachers may be due to effects of various adverse factors, while
incorrect voice emission seems to be the major one. Phoniatric
rehabilitation is a process of learning of correct voice emission
by people with chronic laryngeal and pharyngeal disorders.
Aim. Assess the effectiveness of voice rehabilitation in teachers
with chronic dysphonia.
Materials and methods. The study participants comprised
143 occupationally active teachers referred to phoniatric consultation
due to chronic voice problems. All participants were
subjected to a questionnaire survey as well as laryngologic and
phoniatric examinations, including videolaryngostroboscopy.
The exams were performed before and after the training in the
study group (107 subjects) and at the start and after 5-6 months
in the controls (36 subjects). The voice training/rehabilitation
schedule included weekly individual 60-minute training sessions
with a voice therapist.
Results. The voice rehabilitation lasted on the average 5.5
months and included 13.5 training hours. A significant improvement
was achieved in the voice-trained group in terms
of reduced incidence of the complaints and improvement of
phoniatric and videolaryngostroboscopic parameters. During
the final examination normal voice emission was recorded in
nearly 70% of the subjects. No improvement or poorer phoniatric
and videolaryngostroboscopic results were noted in the
non-trained group.
Conclusions. Phoniatric rehabilitation of teachers with chronic
dysphonia seems to be an effective method for the prophylaxis
of occupational voice diseases.

keywords: emisja głosu, rehabilitacja foniatryczna, chrypka

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