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  Patronage of the Polish Society of Audiology and Phoniatrics

vol 11. no 2. June 2012  

 Review articles
EXIT (ex utero intrapartum treatment) as a procedure of choice for congenital high airway obstruction syndrome in newborns
Beata Pucher, Jarosław Szydłowski, Michał Grzegorowski

Airway obstruction in the newborn is associated with high rates
of mortality in the perinatal period. The CHAOS (Congenital
High Airway Obstruction Syndrome) refers to malformation
associated with complete or almost complete obstruction of
the upper respiratory tract caused by abnormalities such as
congenital laryngeal atresia or stenosis of the trachea, tracheal
atresia and congenital laryngeal cysts. The development of
modern imaging techniques has made it possible to diagnose
malformations of the head and neck before the baby is born.
The detection of airway obstruction before birth makes it
possible to plan strategies intended to ensure a patent airway
to the newborn during birth. The EXIT (ex utero intrapartum
treatment) enables the assessment and protection of the airway
during labor owing to the presence of placental/fetal circulation
that ensures a constant supply of oxygen to the fetus.

keywords: niedrożność dróg oddechowych, noworodek, EXIT, agenezja płuc, wrodzona przepuklina przeponowa

pages: from 39 to 43

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