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vol 10. no 1. March 2011  

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Craniofacial trauma in children – Not solely a medical problem
Rafał Zieliński, Violetta Piotrowska, Anna Zakrzewska

Introduction. Craniofacial trauma is a serious problem in the
population of children. The problem is serious not only because
of its frequency and extent, but also because of its widely varying
Aim. Comparative analysis of the medical files of children hospitalised
for craniofacial trauma in 1998 and 2008.
Material and methods. Analysis of medical documantation
of patients admitted to the hospital due to craniofacial trauma,
including their number, age, sex, extent of the trauma, treatment,
time of hospitalization and cause and circumstances of
the trauma.
Results. In 1998, 46 children (27 boys, 19 girls), representing
5% of all patients admitted to the Clinic, received surgical treatment
for craniofacial trauma, while in 2008 the corresponding
numbers were 89 children (68 boys, 21 girls), 7.5%. The proportion
of the boys was as high as 70%. The age of the patients
ranged from 6 months to 18 years. There was a statistically
significant increase of the children with craniofacial trauma in
the 4-10 year-old and 10> year-old ranges. The causes of the
trauma differed between 1998 and 2008. In 1998, the trauma
was due primarily to accidents during sports and play, while in
2008 it was due mainly tot aggressive behaviours (p<0.005).
Nasal fracture was the main type of the trauma. The growing
number of cases with extensive trauma of both splanchnocranium
and neurocranium (p<0.05) required interdisciplinary
Conclusions. There was a tendency to more frequent and
more severe craniofacial trauma cases, which is probably due
to the changes in the activities of children at the beginning of
the school period and to the growing tendency to aggressive
behaviours among teenagers.

keywords: uraz, twarzoczaszka, dzieci, trauma, face, children

pages: from 30 to 35

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