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vol 20. no 3. September 2015  

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Knowledge of nurses on the inhalation therapy in asthmatic children
Anna Bodajko-Grochowska, Anna Bednarek, Ewa Markut-Miotła, Tomasz Derewiecki, Andrzej Emeryk

Introduction. Clinical efficacy of inhalation therapy for asthma treatment
is mainly determined by correct inhalation technique. Well trained
nurse plays an important role in pediatric asthma therapy both through
child education and drug administration if necessary.
Aim. We aimed to explore knowledge on aerosolotherapy for asthma
treatment among nurses. We also wanted to assess nurses participation
at inhalation techniques courses and trainings.
Materials and methods. Study was conducted from March to April
2014 among 153 certified nurses working at hospitals and at GP offices.
Author’s questionnaire was used in the study.
Results. Most of the respondents have never attended courses on aerosolotherapy
in pediatric patients with asthma. Half of them upgraded
their knowledge 4-5 years ago using different forms of self-education.
From the knowledge of inhalation techniques nurses working received
22.76±3.15 points. There was a relationship between knowledge level
and age (Rs-0.162-0.227; α-0.05), education level (Tau-b Kendalla =
-0.17; p=0.02) and place of employment of nurses (p Kruskal Wallis test
0.001-0.37). However the place of the work didn't have a large impact
on the knowledge of nurses (p U Manna Whitney'a 0.03-0.51). However,
none of the respondents would be able to apply properly inhaled drug.
Conclusions. Greater knowledge of the inhalation techniques in asthma
was observed in nurses working in the pulmonological or allergological
departments/outpatient clinics, nurses higher educated and older ones.
Periodic and mandatory trainings of aerosolotherapy among nurses are
necessary in order to achieve optimal effects of pediatric asthma treatment.

keywords: dzieci, pielęgniarki, terapia inhalacyjna, astma, edukacja, child, nurses, Inhaler technique asthma, education

pages: from 199 to 207

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