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vol 20. no 3. September 2015  

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Induction and assessment of Tr1 regulatory T cell subpopulations, in peripheral blood of patients with asthma using of multicolor flow cytometry
Łukasz Kraszula, Makandjou-Ola Eusebio, Maciej Kupczyk, Piotr Kuna, Mirosława Pietruczuk

Introduction. Severe asthma is a challenging clinical problem. Dysfunction
of Tr1 regulatory cells may play an important role in the pathogenesis
of asthma. Therefore, there is hope for the therapeutic potential of
Tr1 lymphocyte subsets.
Aim. Evaluate the possibility to induce Tr1 lymphocytes in vitro, and
check if there is a balanced immune response between Th2 and Tr1 lymphocytes
in patients with asthma and particularly severe asthma, after
Material and methods. The study included sixty patients with asthma
(30 with severe and 30 with mild to moderate asthma). The control
group comprised 30 healthy volunteers. Asthma was diagnosed in accordance
with the Global Initiative For Asthma guidelines (GINA 2014).
The phenotype of CD4/CD25//FoxP3/CD69/IL-10/IL-4 Tr1 cells was evaluated
by multicolor flow cytometry.
Results. We showed a significant reduction in the percentage and absolute
number of Tr1 cells in severe asthma compared with mild-moderate
asthma and control group p<0.01. There were no differences in the
percentage and absolute number of cells between the group of patients
with mild-moderate asthma and control groups. We also found that the
ratio of Tr1/Th2 was significantly reduced in patients with severe asthma
compared with those with mild-moderate asthma p<0.02. The effect of
stimulation on lymphocyte subsets Tr1 is significantly lower in patients
with severe asthma
Conclusions. The effectiveness of stimulated Tr1 lymphocytes was significantly
lower in patients with severe asthma. In patients with severe
asthma there is an imbalance between the subpopulation of regulatory
Tr1 cells and Th2 effector.

keywords: astma, limfocyty Tr1, limfocyty Th2, IL-10, asthma, Tr1, Th2, IL-10

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