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vol 20. no 3. September 2015  

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Exhaled carbon monoxide in children with asthma, allergic rhinitis and healthy children
Joanna Peradzyńska, Katarzyna Krenke, Witold Bartosiewicz, Marek Kulus

Introduction. Endogenous carbon monoxide is one of the exhaled
breath components that can be used in evaluation of inflammatory airway
diseases. However, the results of earlier studies on the role of exhaled
carbon monoxide (exCO) measurement in management of patients with
airway diseases are ambiguous.
Aim. The aims of our study were as follows: 1) to compare the concentration
of exCO in children with asthma and/or allergic rhinitis and healthy
children, 2) to assess the effect of steroid treatment on the exCO and
3) to evaluate the relationship between lung function parameters and
Material and methods. Two hundred eighty three children with asthma
and/or allergic rhinitis and 164 healthy controls were included into the
study. In all cases spirometry and exCO measurement was performed.
Results. Mean exCO concentration was 2.86 (+/- 1.99 ppm) and 3.67
(+/- 2.96 ppm) in healthy children and in children with allergic airways
diseases, respectively, and the difference was statistically significant. In
children treated with inhaled steroids, mean exCO was significantly lower
when compared with steroid-naive asthmatics (2.28 +/-0.95 vs 4.25
+/- 3.31 ppm).
Conclusions. Exhaled CO concentration in inflammatory airways diseases
like asthma and allergic rhinitis is elevated. Significant difference between
steroid treated and steroid naive children allows to presume that
anti-inflammatory treatment decreases exCO concentration. Exhaled CO
might be useful in the assessment of airway inflammation and/or efficacy
of steroid treatment, but further studies in children with inflammatory
airways diseases are needed.

keywords: tlenek węgla w powietrzu wydychanym, stres oksydacyjny, astma oskrzelowa, exhaled carbon monoxide, oxidative stress, bronchial asthma

pages: from 178 to 184

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