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vol 15. no 2. June 2010  

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Etiology of chronic cough in children
Marta Krawiec, Katarzyna Krenke, Joanna Peradzyńska, Grażyna Kraj, Anna Zając, Marek Kulus

Introduction. Chronic cough is a common symptom in children of a varied etiology.
Aim. The primary outcome of the study was to analyze etiology of cough in children with the initial diagnosis of chronic cough, admitted to the Department of Pediatric Pneumonology and Allergy of Medical University of Warsaw in year 2007. The secondary outcomes were:
- to assess ambulatory management of chronic cough and
- to estimate usefulness of performed diagnostics.
Materials and methods. Authors performed a retrospective analysis of data of patients admitted to the Department of Pediatric Pneumonology and Allergy with the initial diagnosis of chronic cough in year 2007 (of > 4 weeks duration).
Results. 76 patients aged 3 months up to 16 years were qualified for the study. Nonspecific postinfectious cough made the most common etiology of chronic cough (71%). Co-existance of more than one reason of cough was proven in 25% of patients. Results of serological examinations enabled setting the diagnosis in majority of the patients. 42% of children received empirical therapy in pre-hospital care, in most of the cases with antibiotics.
Conclusions. As nonspecific postinfectious cough is the most common etiology of cough in children, diagnostics confirming specific infection allows to set the diagnosis in most of the cases.
In one fourth of children co-existance of more than one reason of cough needs to be considered.
Broad spectrum diagnostics covering invasive or high-radiation-burden examinations is required only in few patients.

keywords: przewlekły kaszel, dzieci, diagnostyka, etiologia, nieswoisty kaszel poinfekcyjny, chronic cough, children, diagnostics, etiology, nonspecific postinfectious cough

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