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  Authority of Polish Society of Allergology

vol 11. no 1. March 2006  

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Clinical relevance of fungal infection and allergy to moulds on bronchial asthma
Marek Niedoszytko, Marta Chełmińska, Marta Gruchała-Niedoszytko, Ewa Jassem

Introduction. Fungal allergy is a risk factor for the deterioration of the condition in asthmatic people.
Aim of the study. Assess the prevalence of id reaction to fungal allergens among asthmatic patients, possibilities of diagnosis and the influence of antifungal treatment on the course of asthma.
Material and methods. A group of 105 asthmatic patients and 30 non-allergic controls were enlisted in the study. Routine medical examinations, SPT, sIgE measurement, spirometry were performed. Patients suspected of fungal infection were consulted by dermatologist and mycological examination was performed. Patients with diagnosed fungal infection were treated with terbinafine.
Results. Sensitisation to at least one allergen was found in 104 (99%) of the asthmatic patients and in 20 (66%) of the control group, p=0.001. The most prevalent was sensitisation to Candida, found in 60 patients with asthma (57%) and in 8 (27%) of the control group p=0.0032. Positive results of SPT with Trichophyton were found in 24 (23%) and with Epidermophyton in 18 (17%) of the asthmatic patients. The id-type reaction was diagnosed in 4 subjects (3 Candida and 1 Trichophyton), accounting for 4% of the control group. Pharmacotherapy of asthma and antifungal treatment relieved asthma symptoms and severity of the disease.
Conclusions. Id reactions should be taken into consideration in patients with asthma. Treatment of fungal infection in patient with id-type reaction may decrease asthma severity.

keywords: astma, alergia, grzyby, Candida, Trichophyton, Epidermophyton, asthma, fungi, Candida, Trichophyton, Epidermophyton

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