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Allergy Asthma Immunology
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„Przegląd Alergologiczny” is published by MEDITON Publishing House, ul. Sienkiewicza 101/109 lok. 115, 90-301 Łódź, tel. (+48 ) 042 636 35 18, (+48) 042 636 35 30 and appears three times in a year (in spring, autumn and winter).

The annual subscription (3 issues) is 42 PLN. Single issue is 14 PLN. The subscription orders are accepted by regular mail or fax (+ 48 042-636-35-18) at the address of MEDITON Editorial Office as well as at the e-mail: mediton2@mnc.pl.

All the copyrights belong to MEDITON Publishing House. Articles and their excerpts cannot be copied nor broadcasted in any form (be it traditional or digital) without the written permission of the editor.

permission to reprint (copy)
All requests concerning reprinting or copying of the articles or their excerpts should be addressed to MEDITON Publishing House.

Opinions presented in „Przegląd Alergologiczny” are not necessarily In accordance with the opinions of the Editorial Office or Publishing House. The Publishing House do not take responsibility for advertisements presented in the quarterly.

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