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vol 3. no 3. winter 2006  

 Children\'s laryngology
Recurrent sinusitis in children
Mieczysław Chmielik

Introduction. Recurrent rhinosinusitis in children is quite common in the Polish climate. Specific allergies and immunity problems in sufferers of preschool and primary school ages can cause problems in the differentiation of recurrent and thee two forms of chronic rhinosinusitis. From a clinical standpoint, such differentiation is extremely important, as the methods of therapy differ.
Aetiology and pathogenesis. This paper presents the most common factors causing recurrent rhinosinusitis in children. We have indicated the immunological factors according to the child’s developmental age and the clinical symptoms. Defects in mucociliary clearance, mucus defects, and airflow problems in the nose and in the sinus ostia region can contribute to problems. In the publications we have highlighted the most important elements of ENT examination of the nasal cavities, endoscopic nasal examination, mucociliary clearance examination, cystic fibrosis testing and CT examination. All these may be needed by these patients.
Therapy. We have analysed the results after antibiotic and drug-assisted therapy in recurrent rhinosinusitis. An optimal therapy is proposed.
Prognosis. We have analysed the relationship betweeen the cause of recurrent rhinosinusitis and pharmacological and surgical methods of therapy. Suggestions concerning the period and results of treatment are proposed.

keywords: zapalenie zatok, sinusitis in children; sinusitis surgical therapy; ethiology of sinusitis in children

pages: from 10 to 13

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